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Sister Duo of Photographers

Chrodsan Photography was created by Christian Rodsan for her love of photography. After inspiring her sister, Alpha Rodsan, she decided to bring her on as her manager, editor and second shooter. Now the sister duo is capturing people, places and moments through photographs, doing exactly what they love. Should you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out. We would be more than happy to interact and be able to play a part of an important event in your life by capturing every moment.


Rio Grande Valley, Texas

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Meet The Team

Christian Rodsan


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Christian is passionate about photography as she is about food. She discovered her love for photography at the university under the teaching of her most beloved professor, Mr. Brad Doherty. He taught her all there is to know about film photography that has carried over to digital.

A little about her: She is a 28 year old Texas native. She loves life and all that comes with it. Her family plays a major role in her life, without them she wouldn't have been able to accomplish many things. She is a goof and most of the time she is not afraid to show, hence the picture. But most importantly, she is strong in her beliefs and she is always seeking truth and justice.

Alpha Rodsan

Manager / Editor

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Alpha fell in love with photography after seeing her sister so brilliantly capturing people's beautiful moments. First entering the team by becoming the manager and handling all that had to do with the business, while creating a website that showcased of of her sister's work. Then soon becoming the second shooter. Now Chrodsan Photography has become a sister duo business, and Alpha couldn't be more happy than to be working alongside her older sister.

A little about her: She is a 23 year old Texas native, like her sister. She loves being creative and learning more about the arts. Her first love is writing, but while she does that, she is also creating along side her sister.

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San Benito, Texas

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